Tokyo Bar Association

Our Committees

The Tokyo Bar Association has established a variety of committees. These committees conduct practical activities according to each committee's designated purpose, such as research and study, educational activities, and operating various centers. To guarantee fairness, the Qualifications Review Board, the Disciplinary Action Committee, the Disciplinary Maintenance Committee, and the Election Supervisory Committee are independent bodies.

Activities to Protect Human Rights

  • Human Rights Protection Committee
  • Special Committee on Children's Human Rights and Juvenile Law
  • Special Committee on the Rights of the Aged and Disabled
  • Special Committee on Consumer Protection
  • Centre for the Constitutional Task Force
  • Criminal Defence Committee
  • Special Committee on Amendment of Criminal Law
  • Committee on Support for Victims of Crime
  • Committee Concerning Sexual Equality
  • Committee on Protection of Foreigners' Human Rights
  • Special Committee on Pollution and Environmental Matters
  • Special Committee on Measures against Racketeering through Intercession in Civil Disputes
  • Special Committee on Informed Consent for Bone Marrow Transplants

Legal Advice, Attorney Referrals, and Dispute Resolution

  • Legal Consultation Center Operations Committee
  • Mediation and Arbitration Center Administration Committee
  • Committee on the Administration of Investigatory Organ for Housing Disputes
  • Special Committee on the Protection of Whistleblowers

Activities to Nurture and Train the Legal Profession

  • Center for Legal System Reform
  • Center on Lay Judges (Saiban-in) System
  • Special Committee on the Administration of Public Lawyers Offices
  • Committee for Recommendation of Attorneys as Judges and Prosecutors
  • Committee on Review of Judicial Appointments
  • Court Committee
  • Legal System Committee
  • Special Committee on Civil Litigation Problems
  • Special Committee on Employment Law
  • Legal Trainees Training Committee
  • Center for Training of Lawyers
  • Committee on Administration of Legal Training Center

Activities to Promote Lawyer Autonomy and Improve Operations

Committees related to Attorney Qualifications, Complaints, and Discipline

  • Qualifications Review Board
  • Disciplinary Actions Committee
  • Disciplinary Maintenance Committee
  • Committee for Liaison with Citizens
  • Special Committee on Legal Ethics
  • Committee on Regulation of Non-Lawyer Activities
  • Mediation Center on Member-Client Disputes

Activities Related to the Training and Business of Attorneys

  • Committee on Improvement of Legal Services
  • Special Committee on Tax Matters
  • Special Committee on Measures against Interference with Legal Practice
  • Committee on Administration of Legal Training Center
  • The Small and Medium Enterprise Legal Assistance Center
  • The Legal Service Joint Center (the Task Force to Expand the Areas where Attorneys are Active)

Activities to Support Bar Associations

  • Human Resources Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • General Affairs Committee
  • Welfare Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Bar Association Building Committee
  • International Committee
  • Special Committee on the Administration of Association Activitiese
  • New-Member Activities Committee
  • Election Supervisory Committee
  • The General Support Center for Young Members
  • The Disaster Response Committee
  • Close-up 1: Human Rights Protection Committee

    The purpose of the Human Rights Protection Committee is to "collect information, examine human rights violations, and promote civil liberties". The human rights working group in the Committee handles and investigates allegations of human rights violations. Specialized working groups research and study wide-ranging topics such as problems regarding the press and human rights, Okinawa military base issues, international human rights, problems related to evening-attendance junior high schools, and leprosy.

  • Close-up 2: Special Committee on Children's Human Rights and Juvenile Law

    The Special Committee on Children's Human Rights and Juvenile Law conducts face-to-face and telephone counseling (known as the Children's Human Rights 110). The Committee operates the Children's Human Rights Redress Center, which receives claims for redress regarding children's human rights. The Children's Human Rights Redress Center also works in conjunction with the Carion Children's Center, which is a shelter (haven) for children with no place to go as a result of abuse, delinquency, etc. In addition, this Committee also researches and studies legal procedures regarding problems concerning children's welfare and juvenile cases, provides support for guardians in juvenile cases (Tsukisoi-nin), and researches and studies school-related problems. Finally, the Committee also promotes and makes known to the public the issues surrounding the protection of children's human rights through the play "Mogareta Tsubasa," in which children and attorneys perform.

  • Close-up 3: Special Committee on the Rights of the Aged and Disabled

    The purpose of the Special Committee on the Rights of the Aged and Disabled is to protect the human rights of the aged and disabled, to provide support with regard to administration of property and custody issues, and to provide swift and just legal support for the aged and disabled. The committee's members organize research and public relations activities concerning the guardianship system for the aged and disabled, and also work closely with the family courts as well as both local and private organizations. In addition, the committee also operates the Center for the Aged and Disabled ("Oasis"). Oasis provides legal counseling and support for the aged, the disabled, and other related persons on matters concerning property administration and physical custody, including support for use of the system for guardianship of adults. Additionally, in relation to the Law for Prevention of Elder Abuse, when a local government body makes a request, the Committee participates in case meetings for deciding how to handle abuse and provides legal advice.

  • Close-up 4: Special Committee on Consumer Protection

    The Special Committee on Consumer Protection is in charge of providing training sessions for attorneys who conduct the consumer consultation operated by the Tokyo Bar Association, and holding "Sessions for Case Studies of Consumer Consultation" to improve the effectiveness and skills of attorneys that provide consumer advice. It also provides consumer consulting services by telephone (known as Consumer Protection 110), which are operated jointly by the Three Tokyo Local Bar Associations. In cases of consumer fraud in which a large number of victims are affected, the committee also works for relief for the victims by encouraging the rapid formation of defense teams and providing support to such teams. In addition, the committee conducts legislative-related activities such as making petitions to legislative bodies aimed at revising laws related to consumer protection, and drafting opinions regarding laws and decisions. The committee also sends lecturers to high schools across the Tokyo area and holds consumer education sessions.