Tokyo Bar Association

President's Statement to Condemn Russia's Invasion of Ukraine, Which Tramples upon the Rule of Law


February 28, 2022
Kimitoshi Yabuki,
President, Tokyo Bar Association

It was reported that in the morning of February 24, this year, Russia commenced its vast military invasion against Ukraine and that many civilians became victims by such invasion.

The International Bar Association (the "IBA"), where the Tokyo Bar Association is its member, issued its statement to condemn, with the strongest words, such invasion against Ukraine which was commenced under the direction by President Putin. President Moyo of the IBA states: This act by President Putin is a watershed moment that indisputably violates international law. Member States of the United Nations have, since 1945, agreed that territory should only change hands by consent. This rule is at the center of maintaining international law and order among states. The IBA, founded to protect and promote the rule of law, strongly condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine.'

War is the ultimate human rights violation action to infringe lives and safety of citizens. What war infringes is not only a territory, but also are lives of people who live in such territory.

The Constitution of our country provides, in its preamble, for the principle of the peace for all time, trusting in the justice and faith of the peace-loving peoples of the world and recognizing that all peoples of the world have the right to live in peace free from fear and want. We, Japanese lawyers whose mission is to protect human rights under the principle of the peace for all time of our Constitution, can never allow such Russian violation of the international law and infringement of the Rule of Law for whatsoever reason.

We, The Tokyo Bar Association, condemns Russia's invasion against Ukraine, and strongly requests that Russia comply with the Rule of Law and immediately cease its military invasion and human rights violation actions.