Tokyo Bar Association

History of the Tokyo Bar Association

Establishment of the "Daigennin" ( predecessor of the "Bengoshi") System
Establishment of a licensing system for the Daigennin
Membership in the Daigennin made compulsory
Establishment of the Tokyo Daigennin Union (predecessor of the Tokyo Bar Association)
Enactment of the former Attorneys Law
  • Adoption of the "Bengoshi" designation
  • Adoption of the bar examination requirement
  • Adoption of mandatory participation in the bar association
Establishment of the Tokyo Bar Association
Enactment of the former Attorneys Law
  • Establishment of attorney monopoly over legal matters
  • Implementation of the apprentice lawyer system
  • Women allowed to take the bar examination
Institution of the Japanese Constitution
Enactment of the Present Attorneys Law
  • Lawyer autonomy
  • Mandatory membership and self-disciplinary system
Implementation of the Act on Special Measures concerning Foreign Lawyers
Completion of the new Bar Association Building
Establishment of the Tama branch office

The Tama Branch Office

Completed in April 1998 and operated jointly by the Three Tokyo Local Bar Associations, the Tama branch office offers legal services to local area citizens and support to members in the area. In addition to operating the Hachioji Legal Consultation Center, the Tachikawa Legal Consultation Center and the Machida Legal Consultation Center. the Tama branch office sends attorneys to assist with the legal consultation needs of local governments and social welfare organizations.