Tokyo Bar Association

Legal advice, Attorney Referrals, and Dispute Resolution

As legal specialists, attorneys give advice to appropriately handle and solve people's problems. Attorneys play an important role not only in resolving disputes and incidents, but also act preemptively to guard against societal conflicts.

Legal Advice

The Tokyo Bar Association has several counseling centers located throughout the Tokyo area to serve various counseling needs. The association also operates telephone counseling and special counseling contact points.

  • Available Consultation Centers

    (Centers 1 through 6 are operated jointly by the Three Tokyo Local Bar Associations)

    1. Shinjuku Legal Consultation Center
    2. Kasumigaseki Legal Consultation Center
    3. Kamata Legal Consultation Center
    4. Hachioji Legal Consultation Center
    5. Tachikawa Legal Consultation Center
    6. Machida Legal Consultation Center
    7. Ikebukuro Public Legal Consultation Center
    8. Kita-Senju Public Legal Consultation Center
    9. Kinshicho Legal Consultation Center

Areas of Special Counseling

Consumer Law / Labor Law / Medical Malpractice / Foreigners / Credit and Money Lending / Women's Rights (Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence, etc.) / Welfare Benefits / the Aged and the Disabled / Victims of Crime / Children / Environment and Pollution / Racketeering through Intercession in Civil Disputes (Organized Crime, etc.) / Whistle Blowers.

*In addition to face-to-face interviews, the Tokyo Bar Association also provides telephone counseling in the following legal fields: the Aged and the Disabled, Victims of Crime, Children, Environment and Pollution.

Attorney Referral Center

The Tokyo Bar Association Attorney Referral Center analyzes the problems of individuals, businesses, and organizations and introduces attorneys with experience in the relevant areas of specialization. The Tokyo Bar Association also recommends corporate counsel and, upon request by an organization or business, introduces attorneys who can serve as legal consultants or instructors.

Organizations for Alternative Dispute Resolution

For those who wish to introduce a third party to solve a dispute or want a prompt decision by a neutral third party, the Tokyo Bar Association has established and operates the Dispute Resolution Center and the Investigatory Organ for Housing Disputes, which are organizations that provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

The Dispute Resolution Center

The Dispute Resolution Center provides alternative dispute resolution solutions for land and housing lease troubles, neighborhood disputes, disputes over purchases/contracts, and family disputes, as well as less personal problems such as medical care disputes.

The Investigatory Commission for Housing Disputes

This Commission provides mediation, conciliation and arbitration for disputes concerning purchase agreements and contracts related to housing that has been issued a building performance appraisal based on the Housing Performance Indication System, and for disputes concerning housing insured based on the Act on Assurance of Performance of Specified Housing Defect Warranty.