Tokyo Bar Association

Support for Public Law Offices

The Tokyo Bar Association established the Fund for Operating Public Law Offices, and supports public law offices through funding and loans to cover the burdens associated with their opening and operation.

The Purposes of Establishing Public Law Offices

  • To prepare attorneys for appointment as judges
  • To improve and strengthen measures for conducting criminal defense
  • To assign attorneys to public law offices in under-populated areas
  • To respond to legal demand in various areas
  • To diversify the work experience of prosecutors and assistant judges
  • To support clinical education in law schools
  • To train attorneys working at Legal Terrace (the Japan Legal Support Center), etc.

Supported Public Law Offices

The Tokyo Bar Association supports the following public law offices:

  • Tokyo Public Law Office Legal Professional Corporation (Ikebukuro)
  • Kita-Senju Public Law Office Legal Professional Corporation (Kita-Senju)
  • Tama Public Law Office Legal Professional Corporation (Tachikawa)
  • Activities to Appoint Attorneys as Judges;
    Efforts to Recruit People with Diverse Work Experience

    Through the Committee for the Recommendation of Attorneys as Judges and Prosecutors, the Tokyo Bar Association recruits, examines, and screens attorneys who want to become judges. In addition, through the Special Committee on the Administration of Public Lawyers Offices, the Tokyo Bar Association provides support for a system in which judges (assistant judges) and prosecutors can register as attorneys for two years as a general rule and experience law office work.

  • Cooperation with the Activities of "Legal Terrace"

    "Legal Terrace" is a corporation established under the Comprehensive Legal Support Act, and its official name is the "Japan Legal Support Center." Legal Terrace offers free and useful legal information regarding legal dispute resolution, and also offers legal aid for people of limited means in legal trouble, such as providing free legal consultation or advancing funds for payment of attorney costs. The Tokyo Bar Association cooperates with the activities of Legal Terrace.

※ The design of the attorney's pin consists of an outer sunflower ring encircling the scales of justice. The sunflower symbolizes justice and freedom, while the scales represent equality and fairness.