Tokyo Bar Association

Kimitoshi Yabuki

President, Tokyo Bar Association

“Toben, now and On; Steady and Aggressive!”

Our Tokyo Bar Association,as occasionally and unofficially called ‘TOBEN’, now counts almost 9000 member attorneys, the largest in number among 52 regional bar associations across this country. As its president for 2021, I am facing various problems from the past and having many dreams for the future. My tenure is limited but I hope to see all these dreams come true someday not far from now and I will be delighted to devote myself to this end.

First of all, needless to say, TOBEN is not a private nor voluntary entity, but it functions as provided by laws, while protecting liberty and human rights and upholding the social systems for ubiquitous justice. In order to implement to attain these ultimate objectives, we are facilitating and emphasizing among other things the following activities.
*Continuing legal and ethical education.
*Coordination and familiarization with the changing process and proceedings of judicial system adopting ICT for supporting SDGsand for the justice and common welfare.

Legal Counseling Center for Foreigners

Shinjuku Legal Counseling Center (Day) & Kamata Legal Counseling Center (Evening) provide legal counseling on issues related to foreign residents and other international matters. Interpretation services may be available for no fee, if necessary. These centers are co-managed by Tokyo Bar Association, Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association, Daini Tokyo Bar Association.

Area of consultation

General legal problems involving foreigners living in Japan from all walks of life in areas including and not limited to visa, overstay, persecution and refugee, domestic violence, divorce, inheritance, commercial transactions and troubles, wages, job harassments, and involvement in the criminal investigations.


Please telephone at first for booking


Monday through Friday from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

(if not on national flag holidays)

English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Spanish are available.

Major Activities of the Tokyo Bar Association

  • Committee Activities
  • Support for Public Law Offices
  • Activities to Deal with Criminal Cases and Juvenile Cases
  • Legal Education
  • Nurturing the Legal Profession and Training Attorneys
  • Tokyo Bar Association Human Rights Award
  • International Activities
  • Public Relations


Digital Pamphlet [PDF]